Winning the Fight

By Special Tactics Pro Shop


This book provides clear, concise, practical guidelines for how to increase your chances of victory in any hostile encounter. One of the oldest maxims of combat is that the core fundamentals for success remain the same whether you are defending your home from an intruder or commanding a combined arms task force in conventional warfare. This book is designed to radically change the way you think about problems, assess threats, train for combat, plan contingencies, and adapt to unexpected changes.

Winning the Fight is the first in a series of books from the newly formed Special Tactics Institute, which focuses on integrating tactical wisdom into the bigger picture of strategic thinking, defense planning, academic study, and national security policy. The book provides the conceptual foundation for all other Special Tactics manuals and books and is an outstanding tool for anyone who wants to improve combat performance, strategic thinking, or organizational effectiveness. However, it will prove particularly useful for military leaders from all services, law enforcement organizations, security professionals, and policymakers by providing flexible but tangible guidelines for increasing the chances of victory against future threats.

Topics covered in the book include...

  • Strategic thinking, planning, and adaptability
  • Threat assessment and risk assessment
  • Contingency planning and wargaming
  • Operations and the intelligence cycle
  • Defensive planning, threat indicators, and alert levels
  • Identifying intelligence gaps and collection requirements
  • Deception, denial, and offensive counterintelligence planning
  • Mission command and command and control architecture
  • Offensive planning, mobility, and terrain
  • Training, selection, and organizational culture
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment
  • Steps for personal or organizational performance enhancement
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