U.S. Government Customers

To order our "government-only" products you can simply order online as with any other product. However, before your product can ship we ask that you verify your credentials. While nothing in our published manuals is classified, we made the decision as a company to control distribution of any military or law enforcement training materials. There are several ways to provide verification:

  1. Use an official government or law enforcement office as your shipping address: This is the easiest and fastest way to order. As long as the address matches that of a government office we can verify, we will ship the order without needing to contact you or request additional information.
  2. Send us an email from a government account: Send an email to staff@specialtactics.me from an official USG, state or local government account and we will add you to our cleared list and ship all future orders without delay.
  3. Provide a USG reference: You can provide contact information for your government office and the Special Tactics staff will email or call to verify your status.
  4. Other options: There are several other options for verifying credentials. Send an email to staff@specialtactics.me and we will find the best method for you if the above methods are not an option.

EXCEPTIONS TO POLICY: Some civilians such as government contractors, security professionals and trainers can qualify for exceptions to the government-only policy. To request an exception contact staff@specialtactics.me.