The New Maneuver Warfare Handbook

By Special Tactics Pro Shop


Since the original maneuver warfare handbook was published in 1985, understanding of maneuver warfare has broadened and deepened. Here, the author of the original book, William S. Lind, shares that new knowledge with readers. The New Maneuver Warfare Handbook offers novel insights in military theory while remaining focused on the people who do the fighting, Marines and soldiers from Battalion level on down through staff NCOs and NCOs. It includes updates of Marine Colonel Mike Wiley’s examples which illustrate the application of critical maneuver warfare concepts. It goes beyond the original book in discussing how to train for maneuver warfare. In short, the New Maneuver Warfare Handbook augments the original book rather than replacing it, in ways useful to commanders at every tactical level. Like the earlier book, it is destined to become a classic in its field.

The book is 205-pages and covers a number of topics including...

  • Maneuver warfare theory
  • Operations, tactics, techniques and organization
  • Combined arms, surfaces & gaps, recon-pull and mission command
  • Amphibious operations
  • Maneuver warfare culture
  • Tactical Decision Exercises (TDEs) developed by the Special Tactics staff
  • Outcomes Based Learning (OBL)
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