Mini-Course #1 - Surviving a Deadly Attack

By Special Tactics Pro Shop



Potential terrorist targets such as schools, airports, offices, and places of worship are often poorly prepared to deal with a deadly attack perpetrated by terrorists or violent criminals. To help combat this threat, Special Tactics is releasing its first “Mini-Course,” a 20-slide presentation entitled Surviving a Deadly Attack in an Enclosed Environment. The presentation comes with a printable “Quick Reference Card” to help people review and internalize the essential points of the presentation. Presentation topics include...

  • Definition of Deadly Attackers
  • Types of Attackers
  • Emergency Actions While Under Attack
  • Make Your Escape - Preferred Option
  • Barricade Yourself – If Escape is not Possible
  • Be Prepared to Fight
  • Make Contact with First Responders
  • Survival Essentials
  • Proper Mindset
  • Situational Awareness
  • Survival Skill Proficiency
  • Physical Fitness

The presentation has no copy protection and Special Tactics encourages readers to pass it around to their communities, schools, offices, and places of worship.

NOTE: If asked for a password, just click "Read Only" to access the file.

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